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Questions and Answers...
5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans

The Nebraska Energy Quarterly features questions asked about 5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans.
Loan forms may be obtained from participating lenders, the Nebraska Energy Office, or the agency's web site by clicking on the “Loan Forms” button above.
Q: Do renewable energy projects, such as solar panels for a water well qualify for low-interest loans?
A: solar water well pump
A project such as this might qualify for a Dollar and Energy Saving Loan. For the project to be financed, it would have to replace an existing system, and the project would need to show a simple payback of 10 years or less. What this means is that the energy saved over 10 years would have to be greater than, or equal, to the total installed cost of the project.

To assess your potential solar project, use Forms 32 and 33, Energy Saving Improvement Analysis & Energy Billing History, along with the instructions, Steps to Obtain a Low-Interest Loan Using an Energy Audit.

If you are interested in putting in a new unit where one does not exist, you might consider applying for USDA Rural Development grants for renewable energy.
Q: I saw information about a tankless water heater on a manufacturer’s website. Are these types of water heaters eligible for a Dollar and Energy Saving Loan?
A: tankless water heater

Yes, all tankless water heaters are eligible for low-interest loans. More information about Dollar and Energy Saving Loans can be viewed on our website. You would use Form 3, Heating, Cooling and Water Heating Projects Application for this type of project. The tankless water heater would fall under the category outlined on line 6, “Install Water Heater.”

Q: I have a wood-burning fireplace that was converted to a gas fireplace with no front screen. Because there is no front screen, and the firebox was probably not insulated, I have covered the fireplace to keep drafts out. Consequently, I do not use the fireplace because it is an inefficient source of heat. I would like to update the fireplace and have a direct vent firebox insert installed. Can these energy saving loans be used for this purpose?

Yes, certain types of fireplace inserts qualify for the Dollar and Energy Saving Loans. The only requirement is that it completely seal the fireplace opening.

You would use Form 2, Door, Window, Wall and Ceiling Projects Application for this type of project. The fireplace insert would fall under the category outlined on line 15, “Seal Air Leaks in Building Walls, Floors, Ceilings or Roof and Around or Through Doors or Windows.”

Take the completed Form 2, a copy of a bid for any qualifying fireplace insert and a copy of the insert manufacturer's brochure, which shows that it seals your fireplace opening, into your participating Nebraska bank for processing.

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