July 20 in Lincoln... Charting Nebraska’s Biomass Energy Future
soybeans Soybeans Nebraska has become a national leader in ethanol production. Now, we need to build on that success and find ways to achieve similar success in using the state’s other biomass resources — soybeans, and landfill and feedlot waste. Nebraska has extraordinary potential, but targeting future efforts is needed. Can you spare a day to help find economic opportunities and chart a course for developing biomass energy resources in Nebraska? If so,
feedlot Feedlot waste you can attend a one-day conference — the Nebraska Biomass Energy Roadmap Workshop — to be held at the Cornhusker Hotel on Wednesday, July 20, 2005. The workshop agenda outlines the morning sessions that will feature an address by Governor Dave Heineman and an overview of the biomass projects in the state as well as what our neighbors are doing. The afternoon sessions will be devoted to examining the needs for investment, research priorities and opportunities, educational and informational needs and policy and market development. Contact Us Disclaimer Energy Office Home Privacy Policy/Accessibility Security State of Nebraska Home Webmaster