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Income Eligibility Levels Change

Like the cranes returning to the Platte River, each year the income level of those eligible to receive free home weatherization services is evaluated and eligiblity criteria changed.
Insulation is blown into the walls of a homeIn March 2005, the annual income level for a single person household rose from $11,638 to $11,963. For a family of four, the annual income level changed from $23,563 to $24,188. The income levels for other household sizes are listed in the table.

2005 Poverty Income Guidelines
— 125% of Poverty Level

Household Size

Maximum Household Income

















For Each Additional Family Member Add


Source: Office of Management and Budget What is weatherization?
Weatherization is making homes more energy efficient. Weatherization of a home typically involves the installation of attic, wall and floor insulation and sealing holes and cracks with caulking, weather-stripping and other types of materials. In addition, all furnaces, cooking stoves and water heaters receive a safety inspection. Weatherization services do not include roof replacement, siding repairs or replacement windows.

Latest Income Levels
To receive free weatherization services for your home, your income must fall below 125% of the federal poverty level, which is revised annually. Households with persons receiving either Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are automatically eligible to receive free weatherization services.

Where to Find Weatherization Services
To find the weatherization services office nearest you, visit the Energy Office's Local Contacts web page. You will find an interactive map of the state and the nearest office of each weatherization service provider.

1,300+ Receive Free Weatherization
In 2004, more than 1,330 homes received free home weatherization. Typically, about a third of the homes are occupied by elderly Nebraskans. Since the programs inception in 1979, $93.11 million has been spent to make energy efficiency improvements in 55,765 homes. An estimated 54,000 homes of Nebraskans remain eligible for the weatherization program.

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