Questions and Answers... 5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans
The Nebraska Energy Quarterly features questions asked about 5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans. Loan forms may be obtained from participating lenders, the Nebraska Energy Office, or the agency's web site by clicking on the “Loan Forms” button above.
Q: What must be done to qualify for a Dollar and Energy Saving Loan when furnaces fail in the winter or are "red-tagged" as unsafe to operate? A: In situations such as these, the lender needs to provide the Energy Office with an explanation of the emergency furnace problem and the specifics on the new equipment to be installed. As soon as this information is received from the lender, the Energy Office verifies the new equipment meets the requirements for a Dollar and Energy Saving Loan, then notifies the lender that the borrower may proceed with the replacement furnace. However, the lender still needs to submit all the applicable loan paperwork to obtain a commitment of Energy Office funds for the furnace. Replacement equipment must not be installed prior to the lender receiving notification from the Energy Office that the replacement equipment qualifies. Should the emergency situation arise when the Energy Office is closed, the replacement may be installed, but the lender needs to contact the Energy Office as soon as the Office opens to verify the equipment that was installed meets loan criteria. Extreme caution should be used by lenders in these cases to make certain that equipment meeting Energy Office standards has been installed. Lenders also must be sure that the replacement was a justified emergency due to the equipment being "red-tagged:" emitting carbon monoxide or a cracked heat exchanger. Q: Who fills out the application forms for the Dollar and Energy Saving Loans? A: The forms were developed for the borrower to complete with information provided to them by their contractor. The contractor's bid needs to have sufficient enough detail to allow the borrower to fill out the application form completely and accurately. Contractors or lenders familiar with the program may be able to assist the borrower in completing the forms. The borrower also may contact Jody or Bruce in the Energy Office with any questions they have on completing the application form. Call 402-471-2186. To obtain forms online, go to the Energy Office web site at, select the type of improvements you want to make, print out the necessary form or forms needed. Home Energy Loans Energy Statistics mailto:energy1%40mail%2estate%2ene%2eus"> State of Nebraska Home Disclaimer