$3.2 Million in Savings Identified... Rebuild America/Nebraska: Find and Create Energy Star Buildings
First Data Corp. building was constructed in 2001. After Continuous Commissioning heating and cooling costs were reduced by 40 percent and qualified for E NERGY S TAR® rating. With a $125,000 U.S. Department of Energy SEP Special ProjectsRebuild America grant, the Energy Office and its partners, Energy Systems Laboratory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Omaha Public Power District demonstrated the Continuous Commissioning Leading Retrofit Process (CCLRP) which allows building owners to make major energy efficiency improvements with little or no capital investment. The project identified and recruited owners of 137 buildings, 29 of which had meters installed for hourly energy consumption. Detailed energy evaluations in 36 buildings totaling10.6 million square feet found potential annual cost savings of $3.2 million. The cost of the improvements was estimated at $14.3 million resulting in a simple payback of 4.5 years. CCLRP was implemented in 14 buildings with 3.7 million square feet. Owners paid $1.6 million for efficiency
The Terrace Plaza Office Building was constructed in 1972. After Continuous Commissioning electricity consumption was reduced by 47% and natural gas consumption by 28%. improvements that resulted in annual cost savings of $558,700, a simple payback of 2.9 years. The complete study,Create and Identify High Performance and EnergyStar Buildings in the State of Nebraska through Rebuild America Program is at the Energy Office web site. The lead contact on the project, Dr. Mingsheng Liu, can be reached by phone 402-554-2173, or by mailto:mliu%40unl.edu">email. Home Energy Loans Energy Statistics mailto:energy1%40mail%2estate%2ene%2eus"> State of Nebraska Home Disclaimer