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Energy Use on Farms and Ranches

Energy is one of the more expensive components of raising crops and livestock. A series of ideas and factsheets have been produced recently that provide helpful suggestions on ways to reduce energy use in irrigation, in buildings, in the field and on the range.
  • Energy Efficient Crop Irrigation. This factsheet looks at programmable logic controllers and how they can expand center pivot systems to apply water-soluble pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers as well as irrigate.
methane digester
A methane digester provides power
for farm buildings.
  • Letís Talk About Agricultural Irrigation. This light-hearted look at how agricultural irrigation efficiency can be measured comes from Freddie Lamm at Kansas State University.
  • Strategies for Energy Use on the Dairy Farm. This paper suggests three ways to increase efficiencies in dairy operations: lighting, ventilation and nutrient management.
  • Methane Digesters. This factsheet examines the pros and cons of anaerobic methane digesters and their use in ag operations. The factsheet also looks at what you should know about them before proceeding. Several federal funding options are also provided.
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