Answers to Many Questions...
Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Wind Power

Blades are lifted to
the turbine by a crane
A collaborative effort of the American Wind Energy Association, U.S. Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory has produced one of the most thorough tutorials — dozens and dozens of questions and answers — on wind energy imaginable.

The Wind Web Tutorial is organized into ten sections from wind energy basics to costs to potential to small wind energy systems as well as policy issues and a wind energy resource guide.

Hereís just a glimpse of the questions and topics covered at the web site:
  • What is wind energy?
  • If a utility uses more wind energy, will that make electric rates go up?
  • Iíve heard that rising natural gas prices are hurting our economy. Is this a problem that wind energy can solve?
  • I own some land that is windy. How can I build a wind farm on it?
  • Will wind energy hurt tourism in my area?

  • Cut-away view of wind turbine
  • How much land is needed for a utility-scale wind plant?
  • Iíve heard that stray voltage from wind power plants can be transmitted through the ground, disturbing or harming livestock. Is this true?
  • Will a wind project interfere with electromagnetic transmissions such as radio, television or cell phone signals?
  • Will a small wind turbine save me money?
  • What size of turbine do I need for my home?
  • Do wind turbines make noise or interfere with TV reception?
  • Will a small wind turbine damage neighborhood property values?
  • Will my utility allow me to hook up to a wind generator?
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