Updates and More...

The Ever Changing Energy Statistical Database

There's one thing certain about a database: it's never static, but continually changing. That's a good description of the state's energy statistics database.

Under a broad mandate from the Legislature to compile and maintain a database on how energy is used and what the state's needs are, Energy Office staff continue to revise the scope of this resource.

The latest changes and additions to the energy statistics database:

The electricity supplied by Western Area Power Administration — which supplies about 15 percent of the state's needs — had the lowest average rate of 1.3 cents a kilowatthour. The highest average rate was in Decatur at 9.9 cents a kilowatthour. Residential rates ranged from a low of 4.7 cents a kilowatthour in Fremont and Spalding to a high of 11.3 cents in Decatur.