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The Ever Changing Energy Statistical Database

There's one thing certain about a database: it's never static, but continually changing. That's a good description of the state's energy statistics database.

Under a broad mandate from the Legislature to compile and maintain a database on how energy is used and what the state's needs are, Energy Office staff continue to revise the scope of this resource.

The latest changes and additions to the energy statistics database:

  • Nebraska Electricity Rates. This brand-new series shows the electricity rates for four sectors — and the average — for 162 different electric utilities in the state. The series begins in 2002 and the price shown is by kilowatthour. A statewide average of all utilities in each sector is also shown. http://www.nol.org/home/NEO/statshtml/119.htm

    The electricity supplied by Western Area Power Administration — which supplies about 15 percent of the state's needs — had the lowest average rate of 1.3 cents a kilowatthour. The highest average rate was in Decatur at 9.9 cents a kilowatthour. Residential rates ranged from a low of 4.7 cents a kilowatthour in Fremont and Spalding to a high of 11.3 cents in Decatur.

  • Wind Energy Generation by State. This new series ranks all of the 31states with wind energy capacity. The series begins in 2004 and is updated annually. California, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa and Wyoming anchor the top five spots with a range of 2,043 megawatts of capacity in California to 285 megawatts in Wyoming. Nebraska currently ranks 19th out of the 31states with a capacity of 14 megawatts. http://www.nol.org/home/NEO/statshtml/123.htm

    A second data series that is updated monthly is Wind Energy Generation, Nebraska. http://www.nol.org/home/NEO/statshtml/89.htm This series tracks the actual electricity generation from each of the four sites currently generating power in the state.

  • Natural Gas Production in Nebraska. Many Nebraskans have no idea that natural gas is mined in the state. This series tracks production since 1950 and illustrates the precipitous decline in production since 1960. htt p://www.nol.org/home/NEO/statshtml/30.html
    A companion data series, Natural Gas Production by County in Nebraska, http://www.nol.org/home/NEO/statshtml/31.html shows where in the state natural gas is mined and how much has been produced since 1984.
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