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april2004/supply_status/latest_status.htm">latest supply price status april2004/dollar and energy saving loansDollar andEnergy Saving Loans april2004/current energy price and supplyNebraska's Current EnergyPrices and Supplies Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy-EERE Energy Savers Energy Savers Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse For Energy Questions Call 1-800-363-3732">ENERGY STAR®Protecting the Environment Through Energy Efficiency">Tips on Saving Money and Energy at HomeTips on Saving Money and Energy at Home">U.S. Department of Energy's KidzZoneU.S. Department of Energy's KidzZone">Conservation UpdateConservation Update A newsletter of energy efficient projects around the U.S DISCLAIMER Although every URL or link in this web site is checked for accuracy, please be aware that URLs and links are subject to change and servers sometimes fail to connect to working URLs. april2004/neq_online/april2004/apr2004.12.htm">International Energy Conservation Code Savings Total $50 to $295 a Year... april2004/neq_online/april2004/apr2004.12.htm">Updated Building Code Could Produce Long-Lasting Benefits Could Nebraskans benefit from an update of the state�s building code? The Energy Office commissioned a study, financed with a U.S. Department of Energy Special Projects grant, to find the out the answer.The study examined the cost effectiveness of increasing the state�s residential energy code... Harvesting Nebraska’s Wind

Minnesota Farm uses wind for incomeElectricity from the Wind... april2004/neq_online/april2004/apr2004.01.htm">Economic Development for Rural Communities It may seem hard to believe, but according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture�s 2003 farm income forecast, 94 percent of total farm household income comes from off-farm sources. Many rural families work off-farm jobs in addition to farming to make ends meet.

On behalf of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Energy, you are invited to a Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Workshop in Kearney, NE on Friday, April 23, 2004 at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall. The workshop is scheduled from 9:00 a.m. until noon. april2004/neq_online/april2004/apr2004.09.htm">Renewable Energy Workshop For more information, april2004/neq_online/april2004/apr2004.09.htm">click here to visit the web page containing the workshop's details, times, locations, agenda, topics and speakers.

Paying More Dollars and Getting Less... april2004/neq_online/april2004/apr2004.04.htm">Energy Costs Soar 21 Percent in 2000 In the face of soaring � and record-breaking � energy prices in 2000, Nebraskans did what they�ve done before � cut energy use wherever they could. Despite the 3 percent decline in overall energy consumption, the price Nebraskans paid soared 21 percent... What�s on the Minds of Nebraskans... april2004/neq_online/april2004/apr2004.10.htm">Where Will Our Electricity Come from Tomorrow? The Nebraska Public Power District has a long-term Energy Supply Strategy to meet customers� future energy needs and a strategic goal to add additional renewable energy sources to its power generation portfolio. Before proceeding with its plans, the utility�s management wanted to see... Got a Problem?... april2004/neq_online/april2004/apr2004.07.htm">Where to Send Natural Gas Utility Complaints Last May, Nebraska joined the other states in the way natural gas utilities are regulated. The state's Public Service Commission's regulatory authority was extended to include investor-owned natural gas systems. Historically, cities and villages regulated the rates for investor-owned utilities... Here a Degree, There a Degree... april2004/neq_online/april2004/apr2004.06.htm"> Heating and Cooling Variances Affect Your Energy Bills In the number-numb, glassy-eyed world of energy statistics, sits a helpful tool to help you answer the question: Is it really colder than last year? Is this normal weather we�re having? Leroy Health Center, Omaha, NENew Windows, Lights and More... april2004/neq_online/april2004/apr2004.02.htm"> $45,373 To Ponca Tribe For Improvements at Fred Leroy Health Center in Omaha Governor Mike Johanns announced the Ponca Tribe will receive a $45,373 grant from Nebraska Energy Office�s oil overcharge trust funds for a series of energy saving improvements at the Fred Leroy Health Center in Omaha. Questions and Answers... april2004/neq_online/april2004/loan.htm">5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans How can information be obtained on Dollar and Energy Saving Loans?... The High Speed Spin... april2004/neq_online/april2004/apr2004.05.htm">Those New Energy Efficient Clothes Washers For people not familiar with the latest in clothes washing technology, there�s a new type on the market, which claims energy, and thus energy dollar savings. The source of the savings is a faster spin cycle... Things Are Always Changing... april2004/neq_online/april2004/apr2004.03.htm">A Roundup of New and Updated Web Sites The world of the Internet is ever-changing. Here are a some new sites and others that have been upgraded: A Consumer�s Guide: Get Your Power from the Sun. State Energy Program The Nebraska Energy Quarterly is funded, in part, by the U.S. Department of Energy through the State Energy Program.

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april2004/neq_online/april2004/apr2004.wiz.htm">The Energy Wiz answers your energy questions. In this issue, the Wiz answers a question about insulating your basement and a biomass question from a student. "> Home april2004/ Energy Loans april2004/ Energy Statistics mailto:energy1%40mail%2estate%2ene%2eus"> State of Nebraska Home april2004/disclaimer.htm"> Disclaimer april2004/feedback2.htm">Webmaster