For Owners and Local Officials... Navigating Permits for Small Wind Energy Systems
Do It Yourself It's Easy! Handbook  cover Small This Handbook is a great source of information on small wind generators. For example, did you know that surrounding property values are not effected negatively? In fact they have been shown to increase in value. Did you know small wind turbines do not interrupt telecommunications or radio wave transmissions? They enhance reliability, ease demand on the power grid and increase your energy independence. The most comprehensive guide yet for small wind turbine owners and local officials to understanding and improving permits and regulations for small wind turbines is now available. small home wind turbinePermitting Small Wind Turbines: Learning from the California Experience provides up-to-date information to address the most common issues raised in response to small wind turbine installations, including visual impacts, acoustics, concern for wildlife and property values. Most importantly, the handbook includes a model small wind zoning ordinance that the American Wind Energy Association recommends for all counties across the country. It also provides recommendations for best practices with a list of “dos” and “don’ts” for counties reviewing small wind permit applications. The handbook was written by the American Wind Energy Association small wind advocate team, in cooperation with Northwest Sustainable Energy for Economic Development and the California Energy Commission. The handbook is available on line at . Printed copies can be ordered from the California Energy Commission, phone 916-654-4058, or ">Home Energy Loans Energy Statistics mailto:energy1%40mail%2estate%2ene%2eus"> disclaimer.htm">Disclaimer feedback2.htm">Webmaster