What’s on the Minds of Nebraskans...
Where Will Our Electricity Come from Tomorrow?

polling questionThe Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) has a long-term Energy Supply Strategy to meet customers’ future energy needs and a strategic goal to add additional renewable energy sources to its power generation portfolio. Before proceeding with its plans, the utility’s management wanted to see what the people who ultimately own the system, use the electricity generated by the power district, and pay the bills thought of the strategy.

NPPD decided to use Deliberative Polling® to find out its owners’ thoughts because the method obtains informed public opinion based on a statistically representative customer sample.

After considering the results, which showed phenomenal support for the addition of power generation from wind, the NPPD Board of Directors decided to construct a wind energy facility with 30 megawatts for NPPD, and up to an additional 45 megawatts de pending on finding customers for the additional wind energy.

Grants from the Western Area Power Administration and the Nebraska Energy Office provided partial support for the project.

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