New Windows, Lights and More... $45,373 To Ponca Tribe For Improvements at Fred Leroy Health Center in Omaha New Windows and Lights All Around Leroy Health Center Front entrance The Fred Leroy Health & Wellness Center provides medical and dental services and health and disease prevention education to Native Americans. The Center serves the urban Native American population of Omaha. Rear view of health center The clinic opened in 1998. It offers ambulatory medical care, midwife service, physical and occupational therapy, a well child clinic, WIC program, dental clinic, laboratory services, home health services, nutrition counseling and traditional Native American healing. front view of health center shows old and new builging sections Transportation to and from the clinic is provided for elderly and disabled persons and others without means of transportation. A Creighton faculty member is the medical director and on-site physician. Governor Mike Johanns announced the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska will receive a $45,373 grant from Nebraska Energy Office’s oil overcharge trust funds for a series of energy saving improvements at the Fred Leroy Health Center in Omaha.
Omaha area Native Americans recieve medical and dental services and health and disease prevention education The Health Center provides medical and dental services and health and disease prevention education to Omaha area Native Americans. According to the Energy Office, this project uses the remaining oil overcharge funds earmarked for Native American tribes in the state. All the improvements should be completed before next winter’s heating season when the Center’s heating costs should be substantially reduced. The improvements planned for the Health Center include replacing 57 single-paned windows with double-paned, low-infiltration, vinyl framed windows and replacing 78 light fixtures with ones utilizing electronic ballasts and fewer fluorescent tubes, but with improved light output. Most of the windows being replaced are the original ones in the 1954 portion of the building. Estimated annual savings for the improvements total $1,771. Any remaining funds will be used to replace one or more cooling units at the Center, or make improvements in the Ponca’s tribal building in Lincoln. The Energy Office’s oil overcharge trust funds are a result of various court settlements against oil companies that overcharged their customers during the period of federal price controls from 1973-1981. The courts established parameters for use of the funds and included restitution to Native American tribes. Previously, the Energy Office provided grants for weatherization of Winnebago tribal buildings and improvements in Omaha- and Santee Sioux-owned housing.
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