October 2003

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Nebraska's Current Energy Prices and Supplies


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Electricity from the Wind...


Wind Generators, Springview, Nebraska at Sunset

The New Cash Crop

The events of 2002 proved that it's tough to make a living on the family farm. Net farm income was projected to be down 21 percent from 2001...

What Landowners Should Know

Although he didn’t know it at the time, Larry Widdel’s future in the world of wind energy development was secured years ago when his family bought some farmland near Minot, North Dakota...

Wind Energy and the Natural Gas Crisis

The words “energy crisis” may bring to mind images from the 1970s of gas rationing and long lines of cars at the gas pumps, but for farmers and ranchers in 2003, “energy crisis” means yet another item on the long list of problems...

Nebraska's Options...

Ways to Develop Windpower in the State

Although the wind energy resources in Nebraska are among the best in the country, very little recent wind development has occurred. There is one, pioneering commercial wind installation in the state...


Expect to Pay More this Winter...

Natural Gas Heating Bills Will be Bigger, But Supplies Are Okay

In June, it looked like natural gas could be in short supply this winter — and carry premium prices. With the onset of Fall, some of those predictions have changed:...

Someone New is Watching the Utilities

In May, Nebraska joined the other states in the way natural gas utilities are regulated.

Building a New Home? Remodeling an Existing One?

Making the Best Resource Choices and Using Energy Wisely

Whether you are looking for or building a new home, or remodeling an existing home, there are a number of options for making improvements that will use fewer resources...

Questions and Answers...

5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans

Is the interest paid on a Dollar and Energy Saving Loan tax deductible item on federal and state income tax returns?...

New Series...

Electricity Data is a Click Away

Did you know the state has 909,346 electricity consumers who are supplied by 162 different utilities? That's just one information nugget...

A Factsheet on selecting...

Air Source Heat Pumps

This PDF Factsheet provides information on two common types of heat pumps: air source and geothermal heat pumps. Either one can keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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