New construction
New Construction
Building a New Home? Remodeling an Existing One?

Making the Best Resource Choices and Using Energy Wisely

Whether you are looking for or building a new home, or remodeling an existing home, there are a number of options for making improvements that will use fewer resources, improve comfort and create a healthful environment.

The “#">New Construction” section at the Energy Office's web site is a “one stop shop” that contains an ever-expanding array of products, techniques and information on how homes and other buildings can be made more energy and resource efficient when they are first built.

At the “New Construction” section, you will find the following categories:

Dozens of methods for utilizing resource efficient building techniques are listed in this section. Diagrams of the construction details are available in either HTM, PDF or DWF formats. home_const/design_details.htm">Home Construction Design Details

A number of issues related to new home construction are addressed in this section. The information is available in HTM or PDF format.

home_const/design_build.htm">Home Construction Design Building

This section contains nearly 200 products used in building construction that contain recycled content or utilize sustainable resources. Below is a list of types of building materials, systems and interior products that have varying percentages of recycled content. Click on the items in the #">list below or at the web site to find sub-classifications of construction materials with links to specific product literature. When available, the amount and types of recycled materials in each product is identified with numbered symbols so that those products with higher percentages of recycled content can be easily located.

(Note: Some categories are incomplete)

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