A New Series... Electricity Data is a Click Away Nebraska has 162 separate utilities who serve almost one million consumers

Did you know the state has 909,346 electricity consumers who are supplied by 162 different utilities? That's just one information nugget buried in a newly created database at the Energy Office's growing web-based Energy Statistics section. A wealth of new data on consumers' use of electricity can be found at statshtml/114.htm">statshtml/114.htm The series provides the total number of consumers in each sector and totals for the state. The number and type of consumers for each utility is listed as well as the type of organization — there are five types — for each utility. A link to each electric utility is also provided, if available. Overall, 81 percent of Nebraska's customers are residential, 13 percent are commercial, 1 percent are industrial, and 5 percent fall in the "other" category. The latter group includes public street and highway lighting, sales to electrified railroads and railways, interdepartmental sales, or sales to public authorities and any customers not otherwise provided in residential, commercial, or industrial. Interdepartmental sales are sales of electricity by the electric department to the gas department of a municipal utility that sells both gas and electric to its customers. Under the statute that created the Energy Office, the agency is required to maintain a database on energy consumption and production for use by consumers and others.

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