A Consumerís Guide...
Small Wind Systems

This new guide for consumers helps people living in rural areas determine if small wind electric systems will work for them based on an analysis of wind resources, the type and size of the site and economics.
The Guide examines a number of issues in detail:

  • Is there enough wind where you live?
  • Are tall towers allowed in your rural area?
  • Do you have enough space?
  • Can you determine how much electricity you will need or want?
  • Does it work financially?
Wind energy systems are one of the most cost-effective home-based renewable energy systems, and may help some avoid the high costs of having utility power lines extended to remote locations and prevent power interruptions. Wind turbine systems are also non-polluting sources of energy.
The complete guide can be found at http://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy03osti/34300.pdf
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