July 2003
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A Green Built home in Lincoln, NE
A New Day in Home Construction...
Governor Johanns Tours the State's First Nebraska Certified Green Built Home And Recognizes State's First Certified Home Builders
Governor Mike Johanns launched a new state effort to maximize energy efficiency and the use of recycled content materials in new home construction...

By the Numbers...
Do “Low-flow” Shower Heads Really Save Money?
A conventional shower head uses between 3 and 4 gallons per minute (3.5 gpm), while a low-flow shower head uses about 2 gallons per minute (2 gpm)...

Winter's Effects Linger......
Ways of Dealing with Heating Bills, This Winter and Years to Come
Now that the worst of winter's bone chilling blasts are a memory, some Nebraskans are finding their heating bills will linger for a much longer time...

A Look...
What's the Nebraska Energy Office Been Up To?
Each year, the Energy Office chronicles its activities and expenditures. That snapshot is called the Annual Report...

Ways to Save 30 to 60 Percent...
All About Energy Efficient Lighting from Bulbs to Lumens
The quantity and quality of light around us determine how well we see, work, and play...

News Bytes

Questions and Answers...
5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans
Thirteen improvements involving a renewable energy source have been financed out of the more than 44,000 processed by the Energy Office...

There's Always Something New on the Web...

Wonder How Much Energy the World Uses?
Over the years, Americans have marveled at a series of oversized counters that tabulated the world's population...
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