The Nebraska Energy Quarterly features questions asked about 5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans. Loan forms may be obtained from participating lenders or the Energy Office, or the agency's web site by clicking here.

Loans as of September, 30 2002: 20,057 for $156.7 million Questions and Answers... 5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans

Do improvements need to save a minimum amount of energy or dollars to qualify for a Dollar and Energy Saving Loan?

Blown insulation is one way to save energy

No. All specific types of improvements listed on application Forms 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8 are pre-qualified. These projects have been proven to be cost-effective, or the technologies warranted promotion. This means projects listed on the forms have proven energy or dollar savings. What if the improvement is not listed on any of the forms? Can it still be financed with for a Dollar and Energy Saving Loan? Projects other than the pre-qualified improvements, may be submitted to the Energy Office to determine if they are eligible for a loan. These projects must be supported by a technical audit. Applicants may complete and submit energy audit Forms 32 ( and 33 ( to support an energy efficiency project, or Form 36 ( for a waste minimization project. Energy efficiency projects must demonstrate a 5 year simple payback for appliance replacement, a 10 year simple payback for operating systems, and a 15 year simple payback for building system and envelope projects. Waste minimization projects must demonstrate a reduction of waste generated and being disposed. Once the Energy Office has issued an acceptance statement for the project, the applicant may take the acceptance statement to a participating lender to apply for a Dollar and Energy Saving Loan. May the purchase of an appliance, such as a dishwasher, be financed if an existing appliance is not being replaced? Only replacement appliances are eligible for funding, whether it is for a pre-qualified appliance listed on Form 1 (, or an appliance supported by an energy audit. The objective of the program is to reduce energy consumption by replacing older, inefficient equipment with newer, highly energy efficiency units, thus providing borrowers with lower utility bills. There are many energy efficient windows that can be financed with a loan. Can the Energy Office provide recommendations on the various types?

Front-loading washing machines are more energy efficient than top-loading machines, according to a report on appliances.

The Energy Office does not recommend one manufacturer or product over another, whether it is for windows, furnaces, doors, air conditioners or any other project eligible for a loan. The borrower may choose any manufacturer or contractor they desire, as long as the project being proposed meets the minimum standards or payback requirements. The Energy Office can provide some guidance on what to look for in a product and encourages everyone to check references or with others who have experience with the contractor or product. The new owner of an existing home is considering a number of improvements using a Dollar and Energy Saving Loan. In completing the required information about energy suppliers, what information on energy use is to be provided if this information is not available from the previous owners? If information on the energy suppliers for the previous owners of a home, building, or operation is not available, identify the energy suppliers you will be using to meet your energy needs. Loose fill insulation is being blown into our sidewalls as part of an improvement project. As a result, quite a few holes have been drilled into the old wood siding, which is in such bad shape that it cannot be removed. Can new siding be financed with a loan so that the holes and the old siding be covered? New siding can be financed with a loan when insulating the wall cavities, provided an exterior insulation board is added and that a total of R-10 insulation is added to the exterior walls. The application forms you use for this project are Form 2 ( and Form 2 siding ( The contractor needs to complete Form 2 siding and utilize example 2 or 3 on the reverse side of the Form to make sure the project will qualify for a loan. Do lenders have the same requirements for getting for a Dollar and Energy Saving Loan? Borrowers must meet the credit requirements of the lender to whom they apply. The lender is solely responsible for determining the creditworthiness of the applicant. Requirements and policies for loans may vary from lender to lender. Lenders are required to loan 100 percent of the cost of an eligible project and may only charge approved loan fees, but they are not required to make a loan to an applicant who does not meet their credit standards. Is there an agency or group that grants certification of solar products offered for sale in Nebraska? The Energy Office is unaware of any group or agency that oversees certification of solar products. In counties with populations of more than 100,000 people, the state does require all electrical work be performed by a licensed electrician. For more information, see and The best source for additional information on solar products, who does this type of business in Nebraska, and requirements for connecting to the systems, would be your electricity supplier.

Photovoltaic roof panel

Can photovoltaic systems be financed with Dollar and Energy Saving Loans? To qualify for a loan, photovoltaic systems must have an energy audit showing the system will have a simple payback of 10 years or less for an operating system such as a water pump for livestock or 15 years or less if a building system that is used for heating or cooling. Forms 32 ( 33 ( may be used to submit a photovoltaic system for consideration. Home Energy Loans Energy Statistics State of Nebraska Home DisclaimerWebmaster