Renewable Resources... Nebraska Energy Statistics Additions Two new data series — Wind Generation and Ethanol Production — are now being regularly updated at the Energy Office's energy statistics web site. With the exception of electricity derived from hydro resources and wood used for heating, wind and ethanol hold the greatest renewable energy development potential in the state.

Wind turbines near Kimball, NE

Windy Resources According to the American Wind Energy Association, Nebraska is ranked sixth in the nation with the greatest energy potential from wind. By the end of 2002, Nebraska will have 11 operational wind turbines located on four sites — Kimball, Lincoln, Springview and Valley. (Valmont dismantled the Valley wind turbine and tower in mid-October, 2002, and hopes to have it back on line within the next six months.) Energy generated by wind power was estimated to be less than 1 percent of Nebraska's energy consumption in 1999 and less than 1 percent of the electricity generated in 2000. At the end of 2001, Nebraska's wind turbines generated 7,600 megawatthours of electricity which was enough energy to power about 836 homes. (Generation data is not available for the wind turbine at Valley, Nebraska.) Additional wind generation information can be found at Ethanol By the Numbers

Distillers at an ethanol plant

According to the Nebraska Ethanol Board, there are six operating ethanol plants located in the state with two additional plants projected to be operational in 2003. Ethanol production in 2002 is projected to reach 365 million gallons processed from 223 million bushels of corn and milo. In 2001, there were seven operating plants that produced approximately 352.45 million gallons of ethanol. The 2001 production was an increase of 9.7 percent over the 321.15 million gallons produced in 2000. Nebraska's 2001 production was almost 20 percent of the nation's total ethanol production in 2001 of 1.77 billion gallons. This new data series tracks production since the first ethanol plant began operation in 1985 and lists annual production volumes for each plant in the state. Estimated ethanol production in Nebraska can be found at
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