The Best and Worst of 2003... Shopping for a New Vehicle? With the arrival of 2003 model vehicles, the federal government's Fuel Economy Guide is never far behind.

2003 Honda Insight 56/68 mpg

The Guide, an annual publication produced by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, estimates gas mileage for all new passenger vehicles for 2003. Each vehicle is ranked by fuel efficiency within three major categories — cars, station wagons and trucks — and 11 sub-categories. This year, three hybrid gas-and-electric powered vehicles topped the list as the most fuel efficient: the two seat Honda Insight; and five-seaters Toyota Prius and Honda Civic. Printed copies of the 2003 Fuel Economy Guide are available at new car dealerships, libraries and credit unions. Online versions of the Guide has added features unavailable in the printed version: emissions and safety data, tax incentives, gasoline prices, frequently asked questions and fuel-saving tips. The online version of the guide is available at

2003 Beetle 44/49 mpg

A feature at the web site allows the comparison of new and used cars and trucks on the basis of miles per gallon, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution ratings and safety information. The online version also provides links to car buyer guides, sites, magazines and web-based resources, safety and environment, advanced technology and manufacturers.
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