Free While They Lastů Harnessing Earth's Renewable Resources Science teachers and trivia fans rejoice! A free 6' x 27" full-color poster could be yours if you act fast. "Energy at Work: Harnessing Earth's Renewable Resources" is not only free for the asking (copies are limited), but jam-packed with dozens of historical notes tracing the use of six types of renewable fuels over nearly 200 years.

McNeil wood-powered electric plant,Burlington Vermont

Who knew the first fuel cell — often cited as tomorrow's technological marvel — was invented by Sir William Robert Grove in 1839? He was the first to reverse the water electrolysis process, generating electricity form hydrogen and oxygen. This, in turn, lead to the development of the gaseous voltaic battery which is the forerunner of the modern fuel cell. Ethanol, the renewable transportation fuel that can displace petroleum fuels was first used for this purpose during World War I, nearly 90 years ago. During World War II, ethanol production plants again blossomed across the region to serve as replacement for petroleum products used in aviation fuel, ammunition and rubber tires.

Solar power plant, Mojave Desert

Humans have used renewable energy sources — wind, solar hydro, geothermal, biomass and hydrogen — since prehistoric times. The poster chronicles the earliest uses of these resources as well as their potential into the future. To request a poster, contact Ken Shea at 402-471-3530 or by email at
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